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110 Mercer Street
[Between Prince and Spring]
New York

Opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
11am - 7pm

12pm - 6pm

"Cutler and Gross New York is located in the heart of Soho. The neighborhood boasts the largest collection of cast-iron architecture in the world. The heart of this collection can be found in the Cast-iron Historic District which is bound be Houston Street, Canal Street, Crosby Street and West Broadway. 
Early SoHo was an industrial zone, full of cast-iron warehouses and cobblestone streets. Large upscale companies used the warehouses to store their extra merchandise and made use of the ornate window fronts to display some of their finest wares. 
In the 1960s, however, artists began moving into the neighborhood, taking advantage of the large buildings with low rents, perfect for a starving artist who needed lots of room to practice his/her profession. By the 1970s, it was already one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Manhattan.
Today, artist's lofts in SoHo don't come cheap anymore. Many of the artists have moved to different areas of New York City, although SoHo is still home to many galleries. 
The neighborhood is full of wonderful shops - both privately-owned and those with recognizable names. Restaurants here are booked far in advance and you're sure to run into a celebrity or two." 

Arturo Vale, Store Manager
New York


We understand how important it is to get the best frame for you and the life you lead.

No two people are ever the same so making sure we can look after all your individual eyewear needs is an important part of what we do in store.

Here is what we can offer:

  • Professional advice for tired/dry eyes.  Modern life can certainly put a strain on your eyes. Our Optometrists will advise if you would benefit from various treatments to help your eyes feel healthier and less tired, often because of prolonged computer use.
  • Personal eyewear styling appointment - tailored to your personal requirements and lifestyle.  We will recommend lenses based on your prescription, and in turn the frames best suited to your prescription and face shape/style.
  • Sunglass lens advice including prescription, polarised, mirrored, tinted to your personal preference
  • Bespoke frame service.  We offer bespoke frame orders, should you like a frame but want it personalized and in a specific colour, we can have this done for you under our bespoke programme with our Italian Atelier. Please call the store to check the full details of this service. 
  • Frame repairs and adjustments. We offer complimentary frame tightening and reshaping in store – to help ensure your glasses are the best fit, just how they were when you bought them.  For an extra polish, we can organise  for them to be sent away to one of our specialist technicians, for a small fee, and they will come back looking good as new.
    For anything beyond small repairs and outside of the manufacturing 1 year warranty, we will arrange for frames to get fixed, price depends on complexity.