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Care Guide

Our eyewear is created with the finest acetates and premium metals, so it is important to take care of your frames.

All frames come with a microfibre cleaning cloth to keep your frames clear of surface marks and a Cutler and Gross case so you can safely store your glasses when not being worn.


Please note the following recommendations:

  • Frames and lenses are sensitive to temperature; heat and direct sunlight may cause the frames to distort and the surface of the lenses to degrade, if exposed for a prolonged period. Always safely store your glasses in its case and keep in a cool place. Refrain from leaving them in your car or near other heat sources.

  • Metal frames are particularly sensitive to any type of moisture especially sea water and the plating may come off if left exposed for a continuous amount of time. Always rinse off any sea water, suntan lotion, hand sanitiser and any other liquids containing chemicals which may damage frames and wipe dry with your microfibre cloth to remove any moisture.

  • Lenses are sensitive to chemicals. Avoid cleaning them with soap or other detergents. We advise you use your lens spray and gently wipe the lens with a microfibre cloth. Go gently, never put too much pressure on frames when cleaning, as any type of force may deform the shape.

  • Refrain from placing your frames with the lenses facing down on any surface. If you do have any scratched or damaged lenses, we encourage you replace them as they may be harmful to your eyes. Please head into one of our stores or global stockists so you can be guided on the best lens replacement for you.

We are here for you. If you feel the alignment of your frames have changed or feel any discomfort, we offer complimentary frame adjustments in our standalone stores because we believe it is important your frames are perfect for you and the life you lead.