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The Legacy of Craft

Archive to Atelier

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Since our inception in 1969, craftsmanship has been at the core of Cutler and Gross. The kind of craftsmanship that requires generational expertise and a fastidious attention to detail. Craftsmanship that takes time: weeks of fine-tuning, months of developing, years and years of perfecting.

The first Cutler and Gross frames were handmade above our Knightsbridge store in London; this philosophy of personal touch has endured for over half a century. Our glasses are now crafted by expert artisans in our Italian workshop in the foothills of the Dolomites – a region regarded as the centre of optical excellence.

This is the Cutler and Gross way, where the human element is paramount.

Perfect but Never Identical

What defines a Cutler and Gross frame?

It is not simply the unique designs or the statement details. It’s the time-honoured techniques carried out by optical architects who have spent decades honing their skills, requiring a discipline that few possess.

The mastery of such virtuoso work has earned them the title of frame-making experts.

From start to finish, each frame is guided by a series of specialist hands. Cutting, shaping, tumbling, polishing – the glasses come to light over the course of many months. The journey to perfection can’t be rushed.

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A Commitment to Craft

Our atelier revolves around honest principles and practices.

Frames are hand-mopped to reveal the colour gradually, adding layer upon layer to create a unique pigment intensity. There is no quick (and temporary) surface treatment. Our signature pins are screwed into hand-drilled holes, as opposed to the speedier and less durable heat-sinking method.

Each frame undergoes a 96-hour polishing process to achieve an unprecedented finish. Wooden barrels packed with resin chips are used to tumble and smooth the surfaces, a process that has been largely unchanged for 100 years.

It is through this journey of meticulous craftsmanship that the frame becomes worthy of the gold-foil moniker inlaid in the temple: ‘Handmade in Italy’. A mark of autonomy and integrity.

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The Archive: An Eyewear Odyssey

Cutler and Gross’s five-decade-deep archive is a testament to our inexhaustible craftsmanship and ingenuity. It spans the swinging sixties through nineties grunge to now, forming a unique source of British heritage and inspiration for current collections. Read 55 Years of Craft: The Origins to find out more.

Our atelier’s expertise is a means to bridge the past with the present. From Elton John’s iconic 70s frames to Julia Robert’s Notting Hill sunglasses and Bono’s wrap-arounds, Cutler and Gross glasses are written in the history books.

And this legacy continues today. Combining extraordinary design, exceptional craftsmanship and a pioneering vision, each collection looks confidently towards the future.