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Lens Guide

Bespoke Vision: A Guide to Our Lenses


At Cutler and Gross, we recognise and celebrate the unique intricacies of vision. It’s not one size fits all, far from it.  

We’re proud to partner with Essilor, a world-class manufacturer of ophthalmic prescription lenses. They match our philosophy of bespoke craftsmanship, and our passion to create glasses for the individual, not the group.

There’s more to prescription eyewear than simply choosing between varifocal glasses and bifocal glasses. From innovative single-vision lenses to blue-light protection and anti-reflective coatings, our in-store selection will ensure you are equipped with the very best.

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A Closer Look


Lenses are a personal choice that depends on two factors: your prescription and your lifestyle. This unique combination deserves more than a stock-bought solution, which is why our lenses are made bespoke for you.

Once the optician has your measurements, they will recommend a lens from our current selection:

Varilux varifocal lens

Standard varifocal lenses are designed to solely support linear eye movement, which can make it hard to focus when looking from near to far and vice versa.

In contrast, the Varilux XR lens understands and responds to how your eyes really move. Developed using 1 million data points, the lens can predict visual behaviour, enabling you to see clearly at all distances.

Eyezen Start single-vision lens

Eyezen Start offers correction across the entire surface of the lens to reduce distortions and aberrations. As a result, it enables optimum vision in all gaze directions, providing superior visual acuity compared with standard single-vision lenses.

Eyezen Boost occupational lens

Engineered with two points of reference, the Eyezen Boost lens factors in near and distance vision and accommodates accordingly. It’s created with a customised boost to improve the readability of small characters and reduce vision fatigue.


Lens Consultation: The Starting Point


Cutler and Gross’s in-store opticians approach lens consultations much like an architect would begin a project: by assessing the client’s needs.

How you see the world is at the crux of the consultation; do you read predominantly at eye level? Are you focusing on a screen or a printed page? Do you frequently switch environments?

If you’re visiting one of our UK stores, the optician will also guide you through our cutting-edge optical measuring system: Visioffice. Using in-built eye code technology and H3D analysis, it measures with pinpoint accuracy, providing us with an unprecedented understanding of how your eyes move through the lens.

Find out more about our eye tests and lens consultations here.

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Custom Coatings


The optician will also suggest possible coatings that can be applied to the lenses. Available for both opticals and sunglasses, the coatings include:

Crizal® Sapphire™

This anti-reflective coating is engineered with 360° Multi-Angular Technology™ to reduce reflections on both sides of the lens. It is also built with scratch and smudge resistance.

Crizal® Prevencia®

Using Light Scan™ technology, this coating acts as a shield that protects your eyes from UV and blue-violet rays. Excessive exposure to blue light can interfere with sleep patterns and may cause eye strain; find out more here.

Crizal® Prevencia is also created with smudge and water resistance for easier cleaning.


The Optifog™ coating provides long-lasting fog-free vision, as well as glare, scratch and dust resistance.

Tinted and polarised lenses are also available for prescription and non-prescription glasses. Head to store to find out more about our lenses and lens consultations.

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Exceptional Frames for Exceptional Lenses


Cutler and Gross’s sunglasses and glasses are meticulously handcrafted in Italy by a team of artisans who have spent decades honing their skills. Read our Design Legacy to find out why our methodology breaks the mould.

From round eyeglasses to cat-eyes and oversized frames, explore our latest collection of sunglasses and opticals online and in store now.