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Discover the Cutler and Gross Vintage collection, curated by Design Director Marie Wilkinson.
Let’s face it: we are all ageing far more gracefully with a little filter and flash. With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes an enormous dollop of “I’ll do as I please”! It’s this pioneering spirit that has shaped Cutler and Gross eyewear, from inception in 1969 to today. Cutler and Gross is renowned for its iconic yet utterly original style, which brought upon a movement of followers that has spanned over 45 years. This unique style is reflected in the vast archive of vintage frames available online and in the vintage boutique in Marylebone, London.


Vintage Sunglasses Graham Cutler and Walter and Hillel 1965

Back in ’69 London was swinging, 'times were a changing’ and Mr Cutler and Mr Gross were not ones to wait in the eaves. They opened their boutique in Knightsbridge, at a time when optical frames were considered only as a medical necessity, and swiftly became the fathers of a movement that introduced handmade, bespoke eyewear as a fashion accessory, in extraordinary designs. In 1983 they moved their production to the traditional sunglass manufacturing region of Cadore, Italy, where the current Cutler and Gross factory is located. Let’s just say, the rest is history.

Jane England in Cutler and Gross Vintage Sunglasses

The store, now open on Church Street in Marylebone, London, takes a fresh look at vintage. There are over 300 styles, handpicked by Cutler and Gross’ very own Marie Wilkinson, Design Director for over 30 years, from which a selection can also be purchased online. Ranging from grunge through to glam, one can almost see Elton and Bono cooing over the latest frames back in '95. Certainly a purchase made at Cutler and Gross Vintage will be one to treasure and perhaps to pass to your children, if they’re lucky. Simply put, these shades are collectors’ items; they’re wearable art and it’s all fused in an acetate explosion of original design.