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Frame Shape
Frame Shape

Explore our selection of sunglasses in a variety of frame shapes and unique colours to perfectly suit your face shape.

Use our Face Shape Guide to help you find yours

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Activity: Fashion
Activity: Beach
Colour: Tortoiseshell
Colour: Blue
Frame Shape: Oversize
Frame Shape: Oval
Frame Shape: Rectangle
Face Shape: Oval
Face Shape: Heart
Face Shape: Long
Face Shape: Diamond

8 Items

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  1. 1376 Rectangle Sunglasses 1376 Rectangle Sunglasses
  2. 1375 Rectangle Sunglasses 1375 Rectangle Sunglasses
  3. 1327 Oversize Round Sunglasses 1327 Oversize Round Sunglasses
  4. 1326 Oversize Square Sunglasses 1326 Oversize Square Sunglasses
  5. 1368 Rectangle Sunglasses 1368 Rectangle Sunglasses
  6. 1369 Rectangle Sunglasses 1369 Rectangle Sunglasses
  7. 1371 Oval Sunglasses 1371 Oval Sunglasses
    1371 Oval Sunglasses
    As low as $525.00
  8. 1342 Oversize Sunglasses 1342 Oversize Sunglasses

8 Items

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