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Face Shape
Face Shape

Explore our selection of optical glasses, we have styles to perfectly suit all face shapes.

Use our Face Shape Guide to help find yours

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Colour: Tortoiseshell
Colour: Blue
Size: 50
Frame Shape: Aviator
Frame Shape: Round
Frame Shape: Square
Face Shape: Square
Face Shape: Round

9 Items

  1. 1389 Optical Square Glasses 1389 Optical Square Glasses
  2. 9347 Square Optical Glasses 9347 Square Optical Glasses
  3. 1393 Optical Square Glasses 1393 Optical Square Glasses
  4. 0772 Optical Square Glasses 0772 Optical Square Glasses
  5. 1339 Optical D-Frame Glasses 1339 Optical D-Frame Glasses
  6. 1336 Optical Round Glasses 1336 Optical Round Glasses
  7. 1304 Optical Round Glasses 1304 Optical Round Glasses
  8. 1302V2 Optical Round Glasses (Large) 1302V2 Optical Round Glasses (Large)
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  9. 0822 Optical Aviator Glasses 0822 Optical Aviator Glasses

9 Items