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Face Shape
Face Shape

Explore our selection of optical glasses, we have styles to perfectly suit all face shapes.

Use our Face Shape Guide to help find yours

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Category: Heart Face Shape
Colour: Blue
Colour: Yellow
Colour: Red
Colour: Black
Size: 53
Size: 57
Frame Shape: Rectangle
Frame Shape: Aviator
Face Shape: Long
Face Shape: Diamond
Face Shape: Oval

8 Items

  1. 1394 Colour Studio Aviator Optical Glasses-Blue Crystal 1394 Colour Studio Aviator Optical Glasses-Blue Crystal
    Colour Exclusive
  2. 1391 Optical Rectangle Glasses 1391 Optical Rectangle Glasses
  3. 1394 Optical Aviator Glasses 1394 Optical Aviator Glasses
  4. 1364 Optical Aviator Glasses 1364 Optical Aviator Glasses
  5. 1367 Optical Browline Glasses 1367 Optical Browline Glasses
  6. 0822V2 Optical Aviator Glasses 0822V2 Optical Aviator Glasses
  7. 1325 Optical Rectangle Glasses 1325 Optical Rectangle Glasses
  8. 1355 Optical D-Frame Glasses 1355 Optical D-Frame Glasses

8 Items