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Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration for the new collection?
In 1969, Graham Cutler’s and Tony Gross’s brightly coloured frames disrupted London’s utilitarian’ National Health service’ focussed eyewear offer and this collection is a homage to their style and vision.
What do you think are the stand-out colour combinations this season?
1353-03 copper with Godfather grey; 1359-04 moondust blue acetate with Dalloz mirrored lenses which appear to be touched by moondust; 1352 in iconic layered’ Knightsbridge Green’ and of course 1346-04 in Prawn cocktail!
There are lots of acetate and metal combinations, along with titanium and acetate combination designs in the latest collection. Why do you think these types of frames have become so popular?
These combinations are much lighter in weight that full acetate frames whilst still providing the drama and boldness of a full acetate frame. I know the Cutler and Gross customer appreciates the reduced weight and improved comfort of the acetate combinations without compromising on the bold, iconic look of the frames.
The new L shaped pin is becoming a key feature in Cutler and Gross designs. What is the reason behind this?  
We have been associated with using rivetted hinges since 1969, working with our eponymous factory to innovate and to improve this design. The design brief for the new pin was to provide support for the hinge across more than one plane and to improve the strength and performance of the hinge by 20%.
Can you explain some of the sun lenses that have been chosen for this collection and why?
We have introduced a category 1 lens for the new 1347-02 Red Summer of Love sunglass. This lens provides 100% UV protection and is anti- ageing and is designed for to worn both indoors and out or from day to night! And 1359-04 moondust blue acetate with Dalloz mirrored UV protective lenses represent the new generation of high shine mirror finishes that this innovative company specialise in.
It’s a slightly more feminine collection this time, which style are you most looking forward to wearing?
1350-01 has my name written all over it! It is a voluptuous, bold and appealing cat eye with an eye size of 56mm; the temples are a new design and they flare out before the ear, accentuating the oversize earrings you are wearing this season.
Which of the new frames is the most technically refined? Can you explain a little bit about how it’s made?
1348 is the most technically sophisticated model in the collection and is actually made as if two separate frames were being made. First, a metal frame is milled from a single sheet of metal using 5 axis CNC to create the v rim detail. This is then combined with 8mm acetate double-milled hoods with shark fin temples. When we say double milled, it means we replace the front pieces back on the CNC to re-establish the sharp outer edges after the 96 hours of barrelling softens the inside surfaces.
Finally, as this collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of Cutler and Gross, which of the new frames do you think best embodies the spirit of the brand?
For me the 1354-03 in Abbey Road Grey screams Cutler and Gross. It has great presence and emboldens the wearer whilst shielding them from the light. The new hinge construction frees the front of hinge pins and the gold top bar gives the frame extreme stability.