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Faces come in all shapes and sizes and glasses are here to enhance that window to the world. Even if you’re not lucky enough to need optical frames, you can still join in with some tinted lenses or stylish shades.

At Cutler and Gross, our mission is to compliment your assets and bring your frames to life. Marie Wilkinson, our Design Director, has worked with our brand for over 30 years and is essentially the most qualified glasses stylist you’ll come across. After all, she’s fitted many a famous face with their signature glasses - from Colin Firth to Julia Roberts.
See below for Marie’s Style Tips to find a frame shape for every face and use our unique Frame Finder section to narrow the search for your ideal eyewear.



Round faces typically best suit the contemporary square. This style will add an edginess to those wanting to sharpen up their softer, rounder features. It can give a striking look as it will be either oversized or undersized on the wearer and either chunky or super thin. Choose a straight brow bar to level off the eyebrows.


Square faces are characterised by a strong jawline, which can be softened with rounded frames. Consider a narrow, rounded oval shape, which sits high on the face and has a degree of softness whilst minimising a broad forehead. A gentle curve on the sunglasses also works well with a beard.


Oval faces, where the width of the face is roughly 2/3 of the height, suit many styles. The key is to ensure that the glasses fit centrally on your face and follow the brow line beautifully. Metal nose pads are a good choice as they allow the frame fitting height to be adjusted perfectly. Look for frames with a generous width brow bar and a gentle tapered angle across the cheekbones


Striking cheekbones can be further emphasised by Aviator frames to help create a balance between the forehead and chin by drawing the attention to the top of the face. For optical frames, avoid semi-rimmed models and go for full-rimmed styles instead.


Those with most rare of face shapes, diamond, should look to round frames. The round frame is forever cool, think John Lennon and 90’s Oasis. The newest rounds are those where acetate and metal have been ingeniously combined, a great illustration of this is the 1270. The metal front is seamless and solder-free, with integrated acetate side shields for an explorer look.


Popular for decades and known as the original pilot’s sunglasses, Aviators are making a big come back this summer. The main update is that they are predominantly made in acetate, with a single bridge for extra fashion nous. A perfect example is the 1292 which would particularly suit an oblong-shaped face.