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Marie Wilkinson, our Style Director, who has been with us for 36 of our 50 years, talks us through the inspiration and the history of the anniversary collection.

1969 - 1979

The original homage to the Jacqui O Cutler and Gross have made many Jacqui O style sunglasses through the decades and the 0742 really captures the era of glamour and hedonism, with a pin-less front and broad temples it was the most elegant and successful of them all.
1979 - 1989

With over wide temples, the equivalent of shoulder pads in the eyewear world, the 0317 struck a chord with the models and customers alike who craved power dressing and the ultra-glamour of this sleek sunglass sufficiently large to obscure the wearers face leaving only immaculate red lips revealed.
1989 – 1999

Like many of Cutler and Gross iconic models, one style will emerge from the various versions made over the year and the 0734 is such a sunglass. It is the sum of classical acetate frame details—a pantoscopic round oval (PRO) lens shape, a key hole bridge and wide tapered temple formed into a gentle’ hockey stick’ shaped bend. Its chunkiness continues to inspire today  the new 9mm acetates. This shape has been adopted by Elton John for his Aids Foundation anniversary sunglass, made in red acetate with golden mirror lenses and latterly, by Rei Kawakubo for her 2008 Comme des Garcons Homme plus collection, made in a red screen printed acetate with ultra-dark grey lenses.
1999 - 2009 

The first incarnation was as model 0121, the original best seller that led to queues outside the door of number 16 Knightsbridge Green, when it was usual to sell 60 pairs each day! The metal bridge is laminated using a unique method developed by the Cutler and Gross eponymous factory to provide a strong, stable and very lightweight construction for the ultimate in comfort and stylish sunglasses. The fine cut of the Italian acetate, the perfect D shaped lens in size 50mm makes this a frame for all seasons.
2009 - 2019

Many details have been reimagined in the 1032 to make it the iconic masculine acetate style of the decade.From the 9mm parallel temples to the ‘slice’ style keyhole bridge, the D shaped lens, the sculpting inside the bridge to balance the larger frame size, all contribute to the appeal that has inspired the newest sunglasses in the collection.